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  • The Highs and Lows of Bipolar Disorder
  • Bipolar Disorder, once known as manic depression is a mental health condition, a lifelong condition that is marked by severe mood swings that involve experiencing emotional highs or mania or hypomania and experiencing emotional lows or depression. Emotional highs will give a person experiencing BD euphoric feelings, heightened energy level, or feelings of extreme irritability. […]

  • Does Bipolar Disorder Have Mood Swings?
  • Does Bipolar disorder have mood swings? Bipolar illness is a psychological health problem characterized by severe mood swings. Does Bipolar disorder have mood swings? Called bipolar illness or manic clinical depression, bipolar problem is recognized to influence an approximated 5 million Americans. Does Bipolar disorder have mood swings? Bipolar affective disorder is rather challenging to […]

  • Is Bipolar Disorder Similar to Depression?
  • Is bipolar disorder similar to depression? Bipolar illness effects, also called manic clinical depression as well as bipolar illness, is a mental wellness problem recognized to impact virtually 2 million American adults. Is bipolar disorder similar to depression? It is characterized by extreme changes in state of minds as well as power levels, turning from […]

  • What Triggers Bipolar Disorder?
  • What triggers bipolar disorder? There are recognized elements that increase threats of creating the disorder, one of the most widespread of which is genetic. What triggers bipolar disorder? Without a doubt, scientists have found a feasible web link in between bipolar illness and also genetics. In this article, you’ll learn what triggers bipolar disorder? Risk […]

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